Monday, June 23, 2014

Team USA...

Shopbop Flag Scarf
After last night's devastating TIE, yes TIE during the USA vs Portugal game, it's tough feeling rah rah.  But it's even more of a reason to get pumped for the next match, you can't be a fair weather fan you know.  It was an amazing game but that last 25 seconds nearly killed me.   I felt like someone had punched me in the face.  Nevertheless, I really like how the team is pushing forward and so shall I, armed with a little USA gear.  I know not everyone is jazzed about the World Cup, but hopefully you are jazzed about summer and all things 4th of July.  I've curated some pieces here that will help you get in the spirit of things without going over the top.  I personally was wearing my flag scarf as I watched the game and plan on wearing it a ton more for years to come. 
Soludos Espadrilles Breton Stripes
These Breton striped espadrilles are just perfect for summer and are a little patriot whether you are American or French, n'est pas?
Billabong USA Yeah! Tank
So what do you think? 
Are you going to be adding a little red white and blue to your look?


Annabanana said...

I have those espadrilles and they are so comfy!

The Good Life | Healthy Living said...

I know! That was such a good game though! And today's game with Germany was no better. But somehow we are still alive!

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