Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mid Week Mani...

I've been on a mega mani kick lately.  As you may recall, my favorite mani is white, I know boring right?  I just love how clean my hands look so it is definitely my go to look
The first trimester is coming to a close which is the hardest one on teachers, There's college recs to write, events galore which leaves little time for much else.  But I have of course sneaked in the manis!
My friend Alicia had a little Jamberry online party which added fuel to my mani obsession.  As I mentioned I am more of a classic girl and have short nails and one accent nail is as exciting as I get, but I thought I would give these a try, why not?  The style above is called Moab but I thought it was very Sedona-y so I started with that one.  I'm not gonna lie my first application was a little messy because I have this thing with not following directions to the T.  And I am a teacher, I give directions ALL DAY yet I can NOT  follow them.
I was pretty happy with how they came out and they were fun to wear, but because I was obsessed I wanted to try more.....
I wore these for about a week and got many compliments.  I was pretty happy because here in Sedona (resort town) e v e r y t h i n g costs an arm and a leg, so paying for a mani on my teacher salary is definitely out of the question.
On one of of my few expeditions off campus I HAD TO buy and test out this GEL SETTER from Essie.  It is so worth it!!!!
I used my Chanel Satin and then I added a layer of the Essie and it was AMAZING.  I know it does not look spectacular here but for me, it was spectacular!
What colors are you currently wearing?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Turquoise for fall...

Just because fall is here, it does not mean that you have to put away your happy beach colors.  I love Turquoise all year long.  Living in the Southwest helps too, since it is always in style here in Sedona.
I am in love with my Dominica Necklace( KRN0046) and Set the bar Necklace (N3031) from Silpada.  They are a perfect pop of color.
I wore these beauties over a black tunic and I really loved the contrast.
Even though it's Friday, the only partying I am going to be doing is with this arm party because I am on weekend duty here at the boarding school.  No worries, because I am loving this mixed metals arm party.  Oh and I am also hosting a DIY sushi and horror movie at my house for my students so I am actually kinda excited.  
To shop the look check out my shop here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Silpada's K&R Collection

Silpada is known for it's high quality silver jewels but they have recently added the K&R Collection which allows jewelry lovers to mix metals.  If you can't choose between silver and gold, no prob! Wear both!  The pieces above are my current faves.  I am typically more of a silver girl but there's something about fall that makes me shift towards warm goldish tones.
Getaway Earrings KRP0071

These earring jackets are what first got me smitten with this collection.  They come with 2 interchangeable pieces (only 1 pictured here).

The On the Dot cuff  (KRB0079) and Arrowhead bracelet are on heavy rotation right now.  The On the dot Cuff (KRB0079)  is really nice and I am surprised how well it works while mixing metals.
If you like any of these pieces, you can shop them with me here.
Have a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mala Monday...

Most people struggle with Mondays so a mala is a good way to amp up your good vibes.  I love all the tassel necklace around this season and here in Sedona, they are around year round and everywhere.   

Mondays also call for a new mani and now that summer is unofficially over, I brought out a dark shade for the week.  I love greys and this dark grey is nice and glossy.  It looks kind of black in the pics, but I guess that's why I also love it.  It's dark but not toooooo dark.  I know matte colors are big this fall but I am still on the glossy and shiny bandwagon.
If you are not ready to go dark yet, get yourself a colorful mala.  I found a few for only $34 bucks!
How do you keep positive vibes on Mondays?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer whites and stripes...

I don't know about you but I had a pretty good summer.  Honduras was super fun and the beginning of the school year is going great so far.  We are not quite done with summer temps here in Sedona, but there are hints in the air that cooler temps are on their way.  I am taking advantage of these last weeks to wear my summer stripes and summer whites.
But if you know me, you know that summer stripes and summer whites are followed by WINTER whites and stripes so not much will change for me wardrobe wise and that is how I like it!
The one thing I miss the most about living in a city is being able to wear NICE shoes.  But as you can see these rocks are no joke, so I am usually wearing some sort of rubber soled shoe or a back up shoe for when I am in the classroom.  I walk about 5 miles a day just up and down the campus so sometimes I just have to give in and wear some un-cute shoe. :(
The inspiration for this outfit came from Anthropologie's early summer catalog. I love that store but the profesora budget can't always do those prices, so one has to improvise!
What do you think of my version?
Happy Holiday Weekend!  
I think we will be going up to Flagstaff to walk around a bit.
What are you doing for your last summer hurrah?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September in Sedona...

Happy September!  I am one day late on the party but better late than never.  We have been experiencing Monsoon season in Sedona, which means you don't know when the rain is going to hit and when you will be melting away.
Nevertheless, today was beautiful! Wednesday is my favorite day during the work week because I don't teach as many classes and I try to have some me time, which is tough to schedule when you work at a boarding school.  I went to my happy place the Sedona Hilton Resort and Spa and did some laps in the pool today.  A visit to the Hilton is not complete without a little time in the jacuzzzzz and in the steam room.  You have to take care of yourselves darlings!!  I did a little mediation and yoga while in the steam room and I feel like a new woman.

School has been in session for 2 weeks now and I am determined not to let these darn rocks I walk on, take away from my style.  That's where my booties come in!  Perforated pieces seem to be very on trend lately and I like that they are also functional and let your feet breathe a little bit in this Arizona heat.  I live in Northern Arizona, so it is not that bad compared to Phoenix.  Buuuuuuut. don't get me wrong, I am ready for fall
Had I not spent 1 month in Honduran Heat, only to be followed by Sedona heat, I would be more patient right now.  But I am not.  I want to wear my fall faves.
 I think I will be doing the maxi skirt, maxi dress, bootie look because it is comfy and easy and you still look put together.  
As you know, I love WHITE.  So this white MK watch (similar here) and bracelet added a little something extra to today's look.  
I will leave you with a silly story.  I have Study Hall duty on Mondays, and I guess I am not used to walking in the dark again, so I fell as I meandered back home to my house.  No, biggie.  you know what IS a biggie???? The family of MOUNTAIN LIONS that are living in the rocks behind our house.  Not to mention our neighbor, the bobcat.  Right when I started comfortable living in AZ I am back to being a teeny bit scared and reaching for ALL of my flashlights.
So what is new with you?
How is September treating you so far?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Easy Does it Romper...

We are in the dog days of summers and yesterday was the first day back in the classroom so I had to pick something cool and still kinda profesh.  Mind you, I work at a school in the middle of nowhere and I walk on rocks all day.  I did have cuter shoes on but after a long day the shoes were the first to go!  Rompers are big right now and I think they should be big all the time.  When I worked for the military I envied the jumpsuit that the airmen and women used to wear.  They are just so comfy and easy peasy.  Just add accessories and go!
I had a wonderful first day back at school but I was eager to run home and be with my furkids.  Newman was so sweet and loving.  Norm and Newman just don't get why we have to leave during the day.
Are you ready for fall?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sedona Summer Style...

I loooove this grey and white striped top!  It is super comfy and cool, especially during these hot summer days.   To balance out the drapey top I paired it with white skinnies which are a basic sealaura wardrobe staple.  Even though I know I will end up with red Sedona dirt or doggie paw prints all over them I wear them anyway.
Now that I am home I am re-falling in love with my clothes.  Like I said in a previous post, living with a limited wardrobe is great for travel but it gets old after a while.  I also pulled out my summer bag and a trusty pair of Sanuks.
 My hubs got me these sunnies from TOMS so I've given my aviators and cat eyes a little break.  I recently visited the TOMS store in Venice, CA and they have all sorts of goodies besides their cute shoes. 
I've been trying to make my wardrobe easy to pair, so it's a lot of black, white and greys. 
 I spice it up with stripes (exciting I know!). 
Ok, it's back to lesson planning for me so hasta pronto!
What pieces are you loving this week?

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