Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Norman and Newman at VVS..

Thanks for all the lovely Birthday wishes, year 40 is off to a great start.  
Another great part about my new life in Sedona is that I can take the boys with me on campus.  Newman loves fetching the ball on the quad and has become a little more social now that he has a little fan club forming.

Norman LOVES going to class along with the kiddos.  When he was a young pup, he was the star at the University of Redlands (as seen here and here).  He would come to office hours, classes, the student union, you name it.  But when I worked for the DOD in Monterey, it was a little tricky to get him on base and get that clearance.  Here at VVS, he is in heaven.  Today he sat in on Spanish 3 and was a good little angel. 
Do you think your dogs could handle a day at your job?

Monday, October 6, 2014


Today I am joining the 40 club!  I can't really complain, as usual I am in a new town, teaching Spanish and French with my fabulous husband and the canine travel team Norman and Newman.  
Don't need much more right?
Throughout my life, I've had a lot of shifts and turns.  I was born in El Salvador but a pesky civil war brought me to my beloved California.  If you would have told me that I would be living in Indiana, Redlands, Nashville, McAllen (TX), Monterey and now Sedona, I don't think I would have believe you.  But voilĂ !
When I was a little girl I realllllly wanted to go to a boarding school like the one on the Facts of Life.  I wanted to be Tootie and roller skate throughout campus and be part of a tight knit group of people.  While I did go to a fancy pants all girl school, I am finally at that boarding school that I dreamt about.  Obviously not as a student but more like Mrs. Garret!  
 The past two months have been exhausting and AMAZING.  Waking up to such beauty is very motivating.  In many ways I feel like I have been transported back in time to a community that is caring, kind and hard working.  We all trek many miles each day back and forth, walking everywhere!  There is no way I could roller skate over these rocks but my legs, body and heart are much stronger as I turn 40.

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