Monday, April 14, 2014

Sander's Ferry Park, TN

I'm guessing all of us have experienced a super long winter.  As a SoCal gal who is used to endless sunny days, it has been rough.  But this past weekend was just glorious so we went for a nice drive.  No destination, just got in the car and off we went!  Naturally we went looking for water and ended up at Sander's Ferry Park
source :  SFP website
Just so you get an idea of the beauty, this is an aerial view I found on their site and the following are my pictures.  Isn't it incredible?  TN is very green, especially in these early days of Spring.  It is just gorgeous.
My next step is to figure out where we can rent a boat, so we can get on the water.  
Until, then our Saturday and Sunday mornings will definitely be spent walking here.  Honestly I just  hang out here all weekend.
How about this sweet little island. 
Have you enjoyed the outdoors lately?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

White on...

 I ran home to try and get some pics and Norm decided to photobomb.  He likes the attention.
blue flats from Urban Outfitter (similar here), LOFT White Skinny jeans,
Despite waking up 45 minutes before my first meeting, I was able to put a little spring look together AND be the FIRST to arrive at my meeting with 5 minutes to spare.  It's easy to do when you stick to basics and when your work environment is kinda casual like mine.  For the winter I stick to greys, blacks and whites.  For the spring/summer,  I still do greys blacks and whites but I also add a little navy and olive green.  It's all about the different hues and how you mix it together.  Believe it or not I wear the same clothes every season.  When I plan my outfits, I see it as a game of tetris. It may sound silly to plan your outfits, but it's so important to feel good and for me, I feel good, when I look good. 
LOFT skinny jeans, NY&Co top (similar here)
If you follow me on pinterest, you know I have a huge love for all things white on my ISLA BLANCA board.  So a pair of white jeans is a staple in my closet.  White just makes me feel bright, happy, clean and vibrant.  All I have to do is switch the top, shoes and accessories and voilá!  I have outfits galore!  Although, I have not found THE perfect skinny jeans for my body type (petite and curvy)   LOFT has come close. 
Will you be shopping for white jeans this spring?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Weave it to me...

Hola!  Last time we talked, I was in Spring Break afterglow and then work happened.  Don't get me wrong, I like teaching but my day usually starts around 6am and ends around 6pm.  Even with the longer days, I have not been able to photograph any outfits or plan any posts.   Today was no different.  Although I was sporting a springy outfit in which I looked pretty darn cute,  I left my classroom after 6pm, cooked dinner, fed the dogs, and then NO LIGHT.   Nevertheless, I still wanted to share a few bits and pieces.
 It was 70 degrees today people, 70!!!!!!!!  Just last week, we were at  20 degrees and got snowed on.  I could not waste this warm weather so I pulled out my coral linen pants, white cotton shirt, grey cardi and mark.'s Weave it to Me Necklace.  Fellow blogger Alicia from Word of Alicia had sent this me, weeks ago, but since I was still under ice and snow, it had not seen the light of day (and neither had I, literally).  It's the perfect pop of color, don't you think?  I have a small collection of statement necklaces and as seen here and here but I needed something that screamed happiness and color.  This baby did the trick.  I'm not much of a reds person but the ombre design let's gives you a lot of wiggle room for interpretation so I went more on the coral end of things with my outfit.
What about you? 
What colors are making you happy right now?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Brunch : 55 South in Franklin, TN

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals so when it comes to the weekend, I'm all about a little splurge.  
During the week, my breakfast mostly consists of a latte and a Kashi bar so I had to get 55 South's "eggs saint louis."  It was described as "english mufin topped with poached eggs, sautéed crab meat, asparagus and Hollandaise sauce."
 How could I say no, to such an elegant yet simple description?
And when it arrived at my table I sat in admiration.

I don't want to rub it in, but don't you want to just get in there?  The sauce was not too rich, just the right amount of decadence.  And the best part about this brunch is that I didn't feel like I had to be rolled out to the car.  Now that is a perfect meal, don't you think?  No regrets, none at all.
What's your favorite thing to order for Sunday Brunch?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Turquoise Tote...

It hit 70 degrees today and although the temps will soon dip in their usual random ways, I really enjoyed being able to wear shorts today.  This is the vibe and look that I am channeling and most drawn to when I am not on super profesora mode.   Thanks to Free People for the constant inspiration.  My long time straw tote is broken and this one looks just perfect in turquoise n'est ce pas?
Have you got Spring Fever?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Radnor Lake State Park...

We made our way back to Nashville after a lovely mini-stay in Chattanooga.  I'm not gonna lie, this Spring break has been a little too cloudy for my taste but we decided to keep exploring even if we were closer to our current home base.  Since we've only been here a year, there is still a lot that is new to us.  B was in the mood for some fried chicken (more on that later) so after he got his fix, we headed out to Radnor Lake State Park.

wearing my trusty Patagonia NanoPuff Jacket, MK white watch similar here, Nautical color scarf similar here
Radnor Lake was another nice surprise this week.  I had no idea such a beautiful park was tucked in Nashville.  Believe it or not while we were looking for B's fried chicken place, we saw the lake on the map and said, let's go there afterwards...and so we did.  I could see coming out here to read or take a nice long walk especially with the cool weather.  However, this is not a park you can come out for a picnic, no food is allowed and definitely no feeding the wildlife!
Do you ever open a map and just go?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rainy Day in the Casita...

It might be tempting to look for the emergency exit when your vacation gets rained on but, at the end of the day you are still on vacation so you have to make the best of it. 
Thank goodness for the Redbox, because we spent our day watching movies.  Once the rain seized, we made a run for some snacks and then came back to our safe zone for some more TV and some more rain.  Most RV parks have a cable hook up which is a nice amenity and while yes it is a tad silly to drive miles away from home just to watch TV, it is still relaxing because we are in our Casita which is our vacation home. 
Plus memories are not always about extravagant trips, sometimes it's the little moments like having dinner together as a family.
Newman seems to think so!
What are some of your favorite vacation moments?

Monday, March 17, 2014

See Rock City!

High Falls at Lookout Mountain.  This is a man-made waterfall, but spectacular nonetheless.

I can't think of a better place to spend this year's St. Patrick's day than Rock City, on Lookout Mountain in Georgia.   I knew the view would be spectacular but I really had no idea that it would be such a peaceful and beautiful walk to the lookout point.  If you have ever driven cross country you might have seen many barns painted with the slogan "See Rock City" on the roofs or sides and so we did!

It takes about an hour to walk through the whole park and it is soooo worh the 19.95 admission price.  I loved the soothing music playing as we walked through the rocks and gardens. I'm not sure if it was just because today is St. Patrick's day but I believe there were some fiddles and zenlike music as we made our way.  If you are mega claustrophobic, this may not be for you but truthfully there are a few narrow passageways and the caves are pretty mellow.  I say do it!  This place reminded me a bit of the Baths at Virgin Gorda ( as seen here) and if you remember that post, you get the idea.
B on his way to Lover's Leap Mountain
I'm more of a fear of heights kind of girl but no worries my daredevil husband walked on the suspended bridge while I walked on the nice and steady stone bridge.
There are many places to stop and take in all the beauty, so this is a very family friendly place.  And can you believe they even let your bring your dog along?!!  We had no idea this place was dog friendly and would have loved to bring Norman and Newman.  Next time it is, I guess! They also have a cafe right by the lookout point, should you need a snack or restroom break.

Rock City boasts a view to seven states, now that's impressive.
at the top of Lover's Leap Mountain
And that concludes our tour, it was so hard to edit the pics for this post, my pictures are just a small taste of the beauty you will find up here. 
Have you ever been to Rock City?

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