Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September in Sedona...

Happy September!  I am one day late on the party but better late than never.  We have been experiencing Monsoon season in Sedona, which means you don't know when the rain is going to hit and when you will be melting away.
Nevertheless, today was beautiful! Wednesday is my favorite day during the work week because I don't teach as many classes and I try to have some me time, which is tough to schedule when you work at a boarding school.  I went to my happy place the Sedona Hilton Resort and Spa and did some laps in the pool today.  A visit to the Hilton is not complete without a little time in the jacuzzzzz and in the steam room.  You have to take care of yourselves darlings!!  I did a little mediation and yoga while in the steam room and I feel like a new woman.

School has been in session for 2 weeks now and I am determined not to let these darn rocks I walk on, take away from my style.  That's where my booties come in!  Perforated pieces seem to be very on trend lately and I like that they are also functional and let your feet breathe a little bit in this Arizona heat.  I live in Northern Arizona, so it is not that bad compared to Phoenix.  Buuuuuuut. don't get me wrong, I am ready for fall
Had I not spent 1 month in Honduran Heat, only to be followed by Sedona heat, I would be more patient right now.  But I am not.  I want to wear my fall faves.
 I think I will be doing the maxi skirt, maxi dress, bootie look because it is comfy and easy and you still look put together.  
As you know, I love WHITE.  So this white MK watch (similar here) and bracelet added a little something extra to today's look.  
I will leave you with a silly story.  I have Study Hall duty on Mondays, and I guess I am not used to walking in the dark again, so I fell as I meandered back home to my house.  No, biggie.  you know what IS a biggie???? The family of MOUNTAIN LIONS that are living in the rocks behind our house.  Not to mention our neighbor, the bobcat.  Right when I started comfortable living in AZ I am back to being a teeny bit scared and reaching for ALL of my flashlights.
So what is new with you?
How is September treating you so far?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Easy Does it Romper...

We are in the dog days of summers and yesterday was the first day back in the classroom so I had to pick something cool and still kinda profesh.  Mind you, I work at a school in the middle of nowhere and I walk on rocks all day.  I did have cuter shoes on but after a long day the shoes were the first to go!  Rompers are big right now and I think they should be big all the time.  When I worked for the military I envied the jumpsuit that the airmen and women used to wear.  They are just so comfy and easy peasy.  Just add accessories and go!
I had a wonderful first day back at school but I was eager to run home and be with my furkids.  Newman was so sweet and loving.  Norm and Newman just don't get why we have to leave during the day.
Are you ready for fall?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sedona Summer Style...

I loooove this grey and white striped top!  It is super comfy and cool, especially during these hot summer days.   To balance out the drapey top I paired it with white skinnies which are a basic sealaura wardrobe staple.  Even though I know I will end up with red Sedona dirt or doggie paw prints all over them I wear them anyway.
Now that I am home I am re-falling in love with my clothes.  Like I said in a previous post, living with a limited wardrobe is great for travel but it gets old after a while.  I also pulled out my summer bag and a trusty pair of Sanuks.
 My hubs got me these sunnies from TOMS so I've given my aviators and cat eyes a little break.  I recently visited the TOMS store in Venice, CA and they have all sorts of goodies besides their cute shoes. 
I've been trying to make my wardrobe easy to pair, so it's a lot of black, white and greys. 
 I spice it up with stripes (exciting I know!). 
Ok, it's back to lesson planning for me so hasta pronto!
What pieces are you loving this week?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pickled onions...

Now I know this post will not be up everyone's alley but when I was in Honduras I re-fell in love with pickled onions.  They had them in little jars at all the restaurants on the West End.  While I was in Honduras, my friend Nicolle posted about pickled red onions (here) and I knew I had to make some as soon as I got home.  Nicolle used this recipe and so did I.
 So you basically cut up the onions and warm up the liquids and sugar and also toss in the spices.
You let the liquid cool and then add the onion slices.  At first I was worried I did not have enough liquid but I did, once they started to pickled and shrink a bit.
for complete directions click here.


  • 1 large red onion
  • 1 c. apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 c. red wine vinegar
  • 1/4 c. sugar
  • 1 tsp. kosher salt
  • 1/8 tsp. ground allspice
  • pinch of red pepper flakes

and as a Latin American,  I like me some spice at bfast so I made some eggs and a little side of rice and beans and topped it with some of my pickled onions.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Roatan essentials...

 We've been back from Roatan for about 2 weeks now and I still have some bites that kinda still itch, but most of them are long gone, thank goodness!  Most travel blogs highlight the beautiful and fun aspects about island life and I loooooove that, but today I want to share some of the things you have to consider in order to make your trip a true island dream.
Not everyone gets bitten by mosquitos but I do, so I had to be prepared and even so, they still bit me good.  There is also Chikungunya to worry about when you visit places like the Carribean. Again, I am not trying to freak you out, but it is a real issue and for that reason one should arrive to the islands prepared.  Roatan is a small island and ammenities such as sunscreen, bug spray are pricey, so I think it is best to overpack these than NOT.  My biggest lifesavers were the AVON skin so Soft and the OFF bite and itch relief.  I was told that a mixture of tea tree and lemon essential oils ward off the insects and I liked having this on hand when I did not want to feel too layered in spray, sunscreen etc.  We also brought DEET and yeah, you kinda need it but I felt that the Skin so Soft was just as good and I didn't feel the chemically vibe on my skin.  I also liked that the Skin so Soft was a spray rather than a cream.  After a rainstorm, the mosquitos were unreal, so those were my DEET moments! :)
Bring some antibacterial wipes, especially when eating out because most vendors and even restaurants don't supply napkins or a bathroom.  Speaking of bathrooms, also have some tissues on hand because some bathrooms don't supply that either.  The one thing I wish I had was a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat.  It is super humid and even if you do know what humidity is, you will be wiped out by the oppressive nature of this humidity.  Again, that is why you are on island time and walk slowly but hey a rum drink or coconut water will cool you off in a jiffy.
I am a big believer in bringing things that make you feel good and like you just stepped out of the spa when you are traveling.  Because we are wanderlust budget travelers, we don't get to partake in all the luxuries of the all inclusive resorts.  BUT that is why we bring our own goodies like my Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner.  Even on my grimiest days, a shower with these goodies brought me back to life.  Besides you are on vacation so treat yourself to some special soaps, or whatever makes you feel good.
Nothing is worse than thinking about the things you wish, you would have brought on your trip, so now that I am back I wanted to share these tips with you.  Lastly water is expensive and you will want to drink it like mad so bring a Nalgene water bottle or two.  I kept mine filled and would take one and leave the other in our small fridge.  Cold water is practically non-existent or it will cost you about $1 every time you want to drink some and you will be thirsty. Luckily our place had purified water available but we would go through it fast.
So there you have it, not a full list of everything you should bring but some things to consider when you travel.
What is your travel must have?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back in Sedona...

Hola!  We are back in Sedona!  After 4 weeks in Honduras, we came back to Vegas, went to LA, Santa Barbara, back to LA, Redlands, back to Vegas and then BACK to Sedona.  It's been super fun, but now it's time to regroup and get ready for the school year.
After wearing the same clothes for a month and a half ( I am a light packer), I was so happy to reach into my closet and pick out something "new" to wear.  I love these pants because they are lightweight and oh so comfy!  
We decided to enjoy our little town and take a day out in town, enjoying a walk in Tlaquepaque.  It feels good to be back here.  I am trying to keep the ZEN even though things are about to get hectic.  I am telling myself I will not allow it to get hectic.
I have a ton more to share about Roatan, in case you are interested in visiting but I just wanted to let you know we are back in the USA.  Of course, if you follow on Instagram and FB, you already knew that!  
How is your summer going?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Isle Style : Blue Burst Maxi

Happy Saturday! 
Our adventures in Roatan continue. 
When you are living out of a suitcase for a month, you kind of have to ration out your outfits, and after nearly 3 weeks in Roatan, I though it was time to take this baby out for a spin.
I've really been into tie dye this spring and summer as seen in this post.
 I didn't get a chance to get this dress hemmed but I HAD to bring it on vacay so a little knot took care of things in a jiffy.  It's not too long on me but everything is long on me since I am about 5'0.

I love tie dye and the burst of blue hits right at the perfect spot, to slim things down a bit.  I've been living the good life down here eating all this great tropical food, so a little tie dye camouflage is much appreciated.  I am real girl blogger, so this is what I really look like on vacay. 
No alterations on the dress or on me!

Today we are going to do a little pool time, snorkeling and seeing what other shenanigans we can get into.  
Don't worry we are usually in bed by 7:30pm!
 Roatan is awesome but it is pretty small so after a week or two, you settle in to a basic routine.   
BTW, This dress is currently on sale for 25% off (normally $115, now $86)
I buy things by Price per Wear and this baby will definitely pay for itself in no time!
if you are interested shop it here and enter code EVERYDAY
also enter S1317 when you check out.
What's your isle style lately?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

West Bay Beach in Roatan...

 It has been raining GATOS y PERROS for 2 days so I thought it would be perfect to share about our lovely Monday Excursion to West Bay Beach.  This beach reminded me of St. John USVI for its peacefulness and calm waters.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, we are staying on West End and took a water taxi to come to this beautiful beach.  If you make it out here make sure to bring your snorkel gear!
 I walked over to the edge of the beach which is pretty darn close to the edge of the island and the fish were unreal and super friendly or...hungry!

When you think about vacationing on the island, these images are exactly what pop up in my head immediately.  If you go past all the resorts (past Infinity, the big resort here)  you will find a chill place to put your stuff down and enjoy the water.  Of course, still be careful and to be honest, one of us was always near our stuff, just in case...
Nevertheless, there weren't as many eager vendors as we first encountered when we first came over and hung out closer to the resort.   Even on the beaches of West End, people will offer to give you a massage or braid your hair or drive you somewhere and it gets a little tiring to say No gracias...
Luckily, most of the vendors have gotten used to seeing us walk everywhere with my unbraided or self braided frizzy hair.  B has joked that he wants to make a shirt that says "No necesito un taxi, gracias :) " and sell them here.  We would make bank!
But in the vendors defense, tourism is their main (or only) source of income, so they have to offer their services. 
We have been enjoying banana bread and coffee in our room for Bfast but in the afternoons we might treat ourselves to a little Rum Punch before dinner.  Bananarama was on our list to try and it was a fun stop.  They have plenty of food options here too, but we went back to West End for our usual $5 meals of rice and beans, salad and a protein.
Check out what the water taxi scene is here in my little video.
Hasta pronto!

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