Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back to Black...

We had a little fun this morning taking some black and whites while walking the boys.  
It's one of those grey days where you just want to stay in and binge watch on Bravo.
Dog hair is one of my latest accessories because this guy is not really feeling winter.  Newman refuses to go outside when the sun is not shining and if it is under 50 degrees.  He's a Californian after all, and a bit of a divo.  I have to carry him out and force him to take care of his business, hence the dog hair which is oh so chic.
Speaking of chic or not so chic, my boots are on their last leg but they have gotten plenty of use in TN.  They've been great for walking in the woods with the boys.  
I guess I am kind of like Newman.  I do need the sun rays more than I would like to admit.  Not sure what we will be doing today, but I think it's best to venture out and explore before the weekend disappears.
How are you surviving winter?


ODYSSEY said...

I, too, inadvertently accessorize with dog hair but fortunately it's mostly black.
My weekends are starting to fill up fast now that I work M-F like a "normal" person. Funny how that happens, huh?

Nicolle said...

You are so pretty!

I'm surviving winter by dreaming of summer. I am ready for the warmth!


missgiven said...

Surviving by still going and planning 2nd trip to Southern California.

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