Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Austin odyssey...

After we picked up the Casita on friday, we had to book it to Austin because we had tickets to see Louis C.K.  The show was at 10:30pm but the campground accepted campers until 8pm.  With 15 minutes to spare, we made it and then we had to get all plugged in and abandon our dream of getting dolled up for our city date.  It was all good, we were just happy to make it in time.  However, we made our first newbie glamper mistake :  we did not realize that the campground was closed from 10pm to 7am the next day.  So forget about spending the night in the Casita.  We decided to wing it, hit Austin, and party til we could not longer hang.  Two delicious food truck meals later,  like Templeton after the fair, we wobbled over to our Subaru Forester and tried to get some rest, classy I know!
 Needless to say, it was all worth it because we came "home" early in the AM to these views.  We also had a nice surprise in the afternoon, when one of B's colleagues who lives in Austin took us out on his boat to try some hydrofoiling.  After, B's heroic hydrofoiling efforts in a very cold lake, we took the boat down to a BBQ restaurant.  This weekend was full of fun, stress and relaxation all in one!  Have you ever had one of those?!   B and I tend to go where the wind blows and sometimes we're not sure what we're doing but so far so good!


ODYSSEY said...

An all-nighter! I would've found a motel. Well, you did get to try some of the food trucks. I hear they're all the rage in...well...more happening places like Austin. (Suffice it to say I've not seen any in these parts.)

anita said...

in years to come, you will always laugh at your first camper outing!!
we are struggling with the boy on his first time zone travel. he is having difficulties switching sleeping and he got the flu!!! yeah, fun times in iceland!

Nicolle said...

Oh gosh, your camping story sounds awful and funny at the same time. I bet I wouldn't have thought of that either. You are brave because I just don't even know how to pull an all-nighter anymore. :) I love your pictures. I hope all is well! Didn't you just love Austin?! I'm itching to go back, soon. Miss chatting with you, but always thinking of you and wishing you lots of good things.

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