Monday, October 29, 2012

Planet Blue Bonfire Nights Fall 2012

Just because the nights are cooler doesn't mean beach days are over.  I love Planet Blue's take on fall, "we look forward to this epic season change when the beaches become deserted and no longer to be shared. The sunsets get better and the nights become longer with endless bonfires and friends. It's how we do fall. "
Planet Blue's first ever look book video was filmed on the private beach of Little Dume.  It was the perfect place to capture PB's Malibu roots and to showcase the Fall lines.  These looks were inspired by real Malibu girls who are long time PB blue fans.  If you want to keep that Cali vibe, like I do, I highly recommend a stop by one of PB's shops in Cali.  But if you are in exile like I am Planet Blue's internet site is the next best thing, not to mention their blog.
You will love this video check it out! 


anita said...

love this Laura. captures the exact right fall mood for me!

anita said...

love this Laura. captures the exact right fall mood for me!

Odyssey Home said...

Neat post! I thought I'd been in a Planet Blue shop on St. John but apparently that's a different company; according to the website, Planet Blue doesn't have a VI store.
If I don't care to swim, the cool months are my favorite time to be at a US beach. I like that emptiness. The light is exquisite and the water is clearer.
I don't know about SPI, but up here the beaches get rather hostile in the cool months. The wind is insane, the flying sand hurts, and it can be hard to enjoy. Still it is beautiful to look at, even if only from one's car!

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