Monday, April 30, 2012

Marley a film by Kevin MacDonald

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Bob Marley is a part of any beach lover's music collection.  It immediately evokes happiness and a feeling of unity when one hears the music and sings along.  When I think of Bob I picture myself back in Venice Beach, CA where I spent many carefree days enjoying that relaxed chill vibe that Bob Marley emits.
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Kevin MacDonald's documentary Marley is a fabulous film that takes you through the amazing but short journey that Bob Marley had on this earth.  What I really loved about this movie was that it was not a story about a person of humble beginnings making it big.  It was a film about someone from humble beginnings making it big and staying humble.  The film runs about 2 and half hours which may seem long but I enjoyed every minute.  It includes many interviews with close friends, family, lovers and musicians that share their special memories with Bob.   But of course it's the  interviews with Marley himself that are the true gems of the film.  Despite the fact that Bob Marley only lived 36 years, Kevin MacDonald's film does an excellent job of portraying the tremendous impact that Marley's music, life philosophy and general good spirit has made worldwide. 
What's your favorite Bob Marley song?


Nicolle said...

I have loved Bob Marley for years. I need to watch this documentary.

My favorite song of his forever will be, Three Little Birds.

My favorite moments of listening to his music are on the side of a cruise ship, sailing in the caribbean, with my feet hanging off the side. Ahhh, I feel so peaceful when I think of that.


Brandt Hardin said...

I'm delighted to finally see a cinematic tribute to one of the most important musicians in history! Bob Marley has influenced the entire world with his music, which will live on to be rediscovered by more and more generations to come. His work has affected my life and my art so much. I paid tribute to him with a surreal and psychedelic portrait inspired by his words and a little 4/20 action. You can see it on my artist’s blog at

Heather said...

I actually don't know much about Bob Marley, except that is pretty cool and mellow I guess.

Sounds like cool film :)

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